awesome payne!

2009-11-30 14:44:51 by Otsegolectric 7385_awesome_payne.php

awesome payne!


2009-11-19 18:16:34 by Otsegolectric

5.5 was sweet it was madness how i want it to be

<3 <3 <3

2009-10-09 06:03:35 by Otsegolectric

My love for madness will never ever go away ;3

It's just, there's too much going on for me to just sit back and animate. I've got more important things now. But damn, does madness never bore <3

<3 <3 <3

What are you looking at?

2009-09-24 14:44:54 by Otsegolectric

I didn't release a madness movie for madness day.

Jackson, rest in peace now

2009-06-28 10:09:49 by Otsegolectric

Fans, do not weep, he lived the fame as if of a thousand years.

Na'ing heer.

2009-06-02 15:17:19 by Otsegolectric

You, why did you come back?